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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Kiss Gel Dress Nail Strips

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The thing i never get bored of doing are my nails! I either get them done professionally or do them myself. I have a unhealthy stash of nail polishes stored in many boxes which thinking about it, I do need to have a clear out!

When I was sent Kiss Gel Dress Nail Strips ($5.99)(*) I had a little squeal of delight! I love trying out new nail designs, some are a massive fail and some turn out beautifully. But nevertheless, I just love playing around with different colours and styles.
So Kiss Gel Dress Nail Strips are right up my street.

I was sent Royal Flush which is the black and gold packet, (which was the one I was secretly hoping for!) Once opened I discovered that there were 20 nail strips, 10 gold and 10 black and underneath the strips were little stick on designs to customise your nails to how you wish.
As you can see I went a little crazy and used every nail to create my own designs and I was pretty happy with how they came out!
Let me tell you how i applied them!

beauisblue, beauisblue.blogspot.co.uk, Beau is Blue, beauisblue.blogspot.com,

I prepped my nails first of all, so pushed back my cuticles and buffed my nails so that the strips would stick better.
After finding the correct size to fit the nail I placed it neatly on and filed off the excess to make it neat and tidy.
Once I had chose my design I simply popped that onto the nail strip and sealed with a UltraShine Top Coat.  I did put on 2 layers, which was stated to do.

I absolutely loved them and i had so many compliments about them, most people wondered who did them!! They were pretty shocked to find out that it was myself and i recommended Kiss Gel Dress Nail Strips! 

They state that they last up to 2 weeks, I can't agree with this statement sadly. On day 5 one of my nails actually peeled off which was a great shame as I kept to the directions and yet they only lasted up to a week before they all started to either peel of chip.

Overall, Kiss Gel Dress Nail Strips are a brilliant, and I will definitely be purchasing more as there are so many different ones to choose from! They are easy to apply and are beautiful when on! I would maybe say if you have a big event coming up to purchase a pack as they will give you the professional look without the steep price!

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