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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Bath Time!

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 Bath time in our household is, messy, wet and fun with lots of laughs added in!

We set aside a good hour to get bath time done as it is quite time consuming - in a good way!
I get all the baby products out and get PJ's, nappies, wipes and talc at the ready. (It pays to be organised!)

We first strip him down to his birthday suit and pop him in the bath.  The bath is lovely and warm and we add Johnson's Baby Top-To-Toe (£3.35) into the water and create some bubbles.
Then then I give him a good wash down and then the fun begins and water splashes everywhere!
Elliott loves to kick his legs and soak us!

Once Elliott has finished in the bath we get him out and lie him on the changing mat and wrap him in a towel, once dry I squeeze some Johnson's Baby Lotion (£3.35) into the palm of my hands and rub all over his body then pop some Johnson's Baby Powder (£1.42) on his bits and bottom and get a clean nappy on him.
Add his PJ's and we are ready for bed!

I have included Johnson's Baby Oil (£2.60) in the photo, I sometimes add a few drops into the bath water, I only do this once a week - if that.

How much fun do you have at bath time with your little one?

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