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Monday, 18 August 2014

Handbag Essentials

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I thought I would do something a bit different to the 'What's in my handbag' post instead I will tell you about a couple of staple items that live in my bag and I make sure I am never without!

Obviously I take with my my purse, phone and keys, but I thought I would show you the beauty side of things! 

First up is an item that no girl should ever be without - Compeed Blister Pads (£3.99), this compact little pack are a lifesaver if your shoes start cutting into your feet or you get an unexpected blister appearing. These are relatively inexpensive and you get about 6 in a pack. If you have ever tried these, you need to show your feet there is a god and buy Compeed Blister Pads!

This is the Rimmel Colour Rush Balm (£4.49), but I change my lipsticks up regularly so this changes from day to day, but today's lipstick choice is Rimmel Colour Rush in Rumour Has It. Every girl needs at least one lipstick in their bag, or 8.. #bloggerprobz

I always bring a perfume along with me too, just for those times you want a little spritz! The perfume I am loving just now is the Avon Secret Fantasy (£6.98).  The scent is beautiful, light and fruity. This is the full size, but is small enough to pop into your bag and take up minimal space! And the bottle is to die for - just look at that hot pink bottle!

And, when you have a baby this is an essential item in your bag! So Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitiser (99p)! This one is just a cheap and cheerful one, but does the job perfectly.

What are you essential items that you carry in your handbag?

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