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Monday, 14 July 2014

Review; Witch Blemish Stick

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The Witch Blemish Stick (£2.09) is one of those products that have followed me throughout my teenage years up to this present day.

Every teenager gets the odd spot and I was no different so my mum bought me a Witch Blemish Stick to help with those little rascals, I used it every time I saw a spot emerging and I believe this has helped reduce my spots up to this present day.

My skin is not bad like I have said in many posts, but when I see a spot away to make its grand debut I quickly dab this on the area and it never comes to anything more. If a spot has already broken out, I do tend to give it a squeeze and rub this on said spot and the redness and the spot will have completely gone within a couple of hours.

The stick is a light blue colour and has a sterile scent, reminds me of walking into a dentist. Once rubbed onto the affected area there is absolutely no colour or residue left on the skin, so you can apply this at any given time and no one would be the wiser.

The Witch Blemish Stick helps break down excess oils and fights the bacteria that causes spots, I usually apply this at night time though, as when I wake up in the morning there is not even a glimpse of where the spot was.

This is one product I swear by and I truly believe that I will continue to repurchase this little godsend for years to come.

Have you got a product that has seen you through the years?


  1. I love this blemish stick, I used to swear by it. I love the texture and it's effectiveness xxx

  2. This is one of those old school favourites I can't live without!
    Kal x
    Cluttered Closet