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Friday, 18 July 2014

Summer Baby Haul

When I started this blog I wanted to solely do beauty, but since becoming pregnant and having a baby, I have decided Beau is Blue is going to be a Beauty and Baby blog.  I want to include my life in my blog too, so with that i want to share Elliott's life with you too!

So with that, the other day Elliott and I went into town to have a look around the shops!  This was our first proper outing just me, myself and a baby! He was as good as gold, so I cannot complain at all!

The reason for our shopping trip was the fact that the weather is beautiful just now, with temperatures hitting 22C (which here in Scotland, is HOT!) I have so many clothes for Elliott but not summery clothes as such, mainly jeans and tshirts, but i feel that it is far too hot to be wearing jeans, so we went out looking for summer clothes!

We nipped into Debenhams as Elliott had been given a voucher, so first we picked up this Ted Baker All-In-One. This is a newborn size, but as you can see from the photo it is slightly big for him, so will fit him for a while! He's not modelling all of the clothes, just this one as its a glorious day and we are away to head out! So I thought I would take a few snaps! The material is of the jersey kind, the thing that drew me to this was the colourful rows! This cost £20, but was in the sale with 20% off. So was £16!
The second thing we picked up was these long sleeved vests. They came in a pack of 3, but I popped one on him yesterday as again it was too hot! That is why only 2 are photographed. The brand is Bluezoo, and i got the size Newborn. I loved the colours of the trucks and I'm in love with the black and white one! These are so thin and breathable, so ideal for just popping on in hot weather! I like the fact that his arms are covered but legs exposed, if he was to get cold i could pop some socks on him and be happy. These came in at £9 for the 3.

beau is blue, Beau Is Blue, beauisblue

beau is blue, Beau Is Blue, beauisbluebeau is blue, Beau Is Blue, beauisblue

Then we popped into Mothercare. I bought my Pram and cot from there, but never really looked at the clothes because at that point I didn't have a baby.  But on entering the shop I was greeted by so many lovely summer clothes for boys - I was like a kid in a sweetie shop!
I can't remember what order I picked them up, so I am just going to go with the way the photos have uploaded!
All these clothes below are either New Baby or First Size.
I just HAD to buy this little tshirt, (Jordan drives a digger at work) I got this for half price as on the ticket it says that it comes with shorts, but they were missing. I got this for £3 - Bargain!

beau is blue, Beau Is Blue, beauisblue

This cute little pair of dungarees are just adorable! It is made out of very thin material and is very lightweight. With some colourful pinstriped pattern this is just perfect for summer! This cost £13, but again was in the sale for £8!

beau is blue, Beau Is Blue, beauisblue

Something that I picked up and couldn't stop looking at and can't wait to get Elliott into is this cute shorts and vest set, I just LOVE this! with the cute little crab and the green and white stripped shorts! I can't actually remember how much this cost but I don't think it was anymore than £10.

beau is blue, Beau Is Blue, beauisblue

The last item I picked up was a two pack of shorts, or what i thought were shorts, they are in fact trousers, but again they are thin material and lightweight, so easy for throwing on with a tshirt. As you can see one is red with a red and white stripped tie and the other is navy blue with little whales on them. This cost £6 - which I didn't think was too bad for a pack of two! 

beau is blue, Beau Is Blue, beauisblue

So there you have it! My little baby haul! Elliott will be the best dressed baby in the summer months!

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