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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Our First Walk

Being a new mum has so many firsts, first nappy change, first bath, first projectile vomit, you know the script.
Well, last weekend the weather was lovely. So with that me, Jordan, my mum and my dad decided it was the perfect weather to take Elliott out for his first proper walk round the village.
We live in a country village, with many many walks that have beautiful scenery. 

We walked for a good 2 hours, not realising the time or how long we had actually walked for! I wish I had used the app on my iphone that tracks your journey and how far you've walked!

I took a few snaps along the way and wanted to share them with you.
The photos below have not been tampered with, so you can see for yourself how beautiful our walk was. hashtag no filter ;)

Elliott was asleep for most of it, with a stop just for a feed!

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