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Friday, 4 July 2014

Review; MyChelle Dermaceuticals "Hello Beautiful" Skincare Collection

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I am not so big on Skincare to be honest, I am quite lazy when it comes to it, possibly just because I am not clued up on it and I don't know what certain products do and what benefits my skin.
I have said previously that my skin is pretty normal and I don't tend to suffer breakouts, which suits me perfectly.

I do try to cleanse, tone and moisturise my face when I find the time, sometimes it can be a couple of days a week, then maybe the following week it will be maybe once a week - if at all!

Just now I am loving the MyChelle Dermaceuticals "Hello Beautiful" Skincare Collection (£15.95) (*)
I have the gift set in All/Combination, this comes with 6 little sample size tubes that all do something to give your skin some loving!

The one thing I LOVE about this little box is that each tube is numbered, so each step is even easier for novices like myself! Bonus!

Step 1 is a Fruit Enzyme Cleanser (£8.50) which is sulfate-free that you gently massage onto your face with warm water, this is to clean your skin before you go any further.  The one thing I like is that it is pretty lightweight and feels like you are pretty much just washing your face, this exfoliates your skin to prepare it for the next steps and leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth without my skin feeling tight!

Step 2 is Fruit Enzyme Scrub (£13), It is suggested you use this 1-3 times a week, like I said above I do this when I can and from what I can tell you is that it works fine whenever I use this. It is a cream like formula with little tiny beads which you cannot see but can feel. You basically put this on with your finger tips and gently rub into your skin and leave for a couple of minutes and wash off with cold water. I must point out that there is a slight tingle when removing but not unpleasant.

Step 3 is a Perfect C Serum (£29) which you pump out onto your palm and pat onto your face after cleansing, as this is a liquid it is slightly runny, and a little does go a long way which is great! This soaks into your skin almost instantly too!

Step 4 is a Fruit Enzyme Mist (£12) which is exactly what it states, just close your eyes and spray onto your face. I love this, I instantly feel that my skin is hydrated, I believe this also repairs and protects too! I cannot recommend this enough, I love the refreshing feel this gives when it hits your face. Love Love Love!

Step 5 is a Pumpkin Renew Cream (£21), this is a cream that you pop onto your face and neck to put the moisture back into your skin. I did feel that this was slightly on the greasy side, but i think i applied too much as if you apply sparing it's not as greasy.

Step 6 is a Sun Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 28 (£19.50). This is pretty much a sun screen, i apply this before my make up so that i know my face will be protected from UV damage. I applied a blob on my hand and massaged into my face and neck. Once this has dried into your skin I applied my make up as normal.

I love the fact that there are no harsh chemicals in any of the items i listed above and my skin is noticeably smoother. I will be buying a few of the products above in the bigger sizes, the Mist is one of my favourites and is top of the list for sure!

Have you tried MyChelle Dermaceuticals before? Any recommendations?

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