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Friday, 6 June 2014

My Top 3; Reality TV Shows

Being on Maternity Leave before having your baby can be for some a boring time, a busy time or just a relaxing time.  For me it's been a bit of all three! I have done all my bits and bobs and now it's just a waiting game!
But while I am waiting I have found a love of reality TV shows, to my partners horror!  He hates reality TV and calls it all garbage, which it probably is but I'm a sucker for trash TV! We have Sky+ so i can record most of the programs in the middle of the night so can watch them during the day! Perfect! 
So now on to my top 3!

This was actually quite a hard task on choosing just the 3, but I have settled with...

Ex On The Beach - MTV
I have been watching this right from the start, the adverts sucked me in completely and I was so excited for it to begin! We are pretty far into the series now and I love it.
It is pretty much a bunch of girls and boys on a beach somewhere hot looking for love - or that's what they have been told! The first couple of episodes is just them getting to know each other in the apartment, until 3 of them get called down to the beach and find out that there is a surprise there - which happens to be one of their ex's! Like I said we are quite far into the series and many of their ex's have turned up, which has caused drama, rekindled relationships, fights and much more! I don't know what I will be doing with myself after the series has finished (other than looking after a newborn!) I don't want it to end!

The Charlotte Crosby Experience - MTV
This series has now ended, but I watched every single episode and slightly sad that it has now come to an end.
I have never watched Geordie Shore so I don't know her from there but I did watch Celebrity Big Brother (oops, there's another reality TV show!) which she was on and loved her!
Charlotte Crosby is a slightly dippy girl from Newcastle who wants to experience other cultures in other countries and she gives her own funny insight to this with a bunch of laughs along the way! She got me hooked at the fact sometimes she had no idea what to do or say and sometimes things got awkward and I think that's what made it for me! Hopefully there is another series soon!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians - E! 
I am a Kardashian lover, I have watched every series there are and just cannot get enough! I follow them all on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - slightly obsessed! This is the one show that Jordan will watch with me, I think he secretly likes it! I love the fact that I have seen Kendall and Kylie grow up, marriages, divorces and so many laughs! I noticed the other day that the new series is starting up again on the 15th June (which is my due date! So hopefully I won't be in a hospital as I will be requesting they put it on!) Love the Kardashians!

Do you know any reality TV shows that I can get hooked on? Let me know!

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