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Monday, 9 June 2014



For as long as I can remember I have hated having my hair brushed.
My hair is pretty long and I feel that if I don't go for a shower first thing in the morning there is no way a brush is getting through my unruly locks! For some reason the wind just takes my hair and makes knots with it! So I am forever buying de-tangling sprays to tame the mane!

So when I was given the opportunity to try the new Scaredoo, I couldn't say no! As I read what it could do to your hair and the benefits of using this I was so excited to try the Scaredoo (*) out!

The Scaredoo had a big task on it's hands so sometime in the afternoon I decided to crack open the package and run it through my hair, and amazingly it ran through my hair effortlessly. I was absolutely thrilled!
My hair felt noticeably softer and had a healthy looking shine.

As the Scaredoo has two sides. The bristle insert can be removed and flipped over. One side being the de-tangle side with 3 different sized bristle's, this is so no damage is caused to the hair and will help reduce split ends, and the other side being a paddle brush means that it can be used for everyday use/styling - so throw out the hairbrushes you use now, as you will never need them again!


So I thought I would speak about the de-tangle side first, I use this in the shower to brush through my wet hair, this helps my hair when blow drying and makes my hair feel so much softer.
Like I said above I wouldn't even imagine brushing my hair mid afternoon as my hair would be a tuggy mess, but I decided to take the Scaredoo along with me one afternoon to try it out, and it glided through my hair with ease.  When I got home I brushed my hair again with the de-tangled side of the Scaredoo and again no problems with tangles and then I used the Scaredoo at night just before bed and I was amazed that for the whole day my hair looked healthier, shiner and tug free!
The paddle brush side is just as good as the de-tangle side, granted I don't use it as much as the de-tangle but from what I have used of it, it is great!

The shape of the Scaredoo fits right into your hand, and with the non slip edge means that it is ideal for shower use too!

As this is pain free this is ideal for children that hate having their hair brushed!
The Scaredoo comes in 5 different colour combinations.

Overall, I am extremely happy I had the opportunity to try this out, I don't use any other brush now, this does it all for me! If you haven't tried the Scaredoo pop over to the website here and check it out for yourself!
You can purchase the Scaredoo from there website wwww.scaredoo.co.uk which retails at £9.99.

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