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Monday, 2 June 2014

Being Organised!

With my due date fast approaching, I only have a couple more weeks to go I decided that I need to be more organised.

I would say I am organised in the fact that I am organised for baby coming along, things I am not so organised about is making appointments and getting all the necessary paperwork done.

I always thought 'baby brain' was a myth but up to these last few months I now believe its a thing!

For instance, I had a midwife appointment the other day which I was convinced it was Tuesday at 3pm, turns out my appointment was on Wednesday at 2pm.
So not only did I get my appointment date wrong I had the time wrong too!

I bought this diary back in January but put it in my bag and was quickly forgotten about, I have only now dug it out and started using it - 5 months later!
So now I have quite a few appointments arranged and hopefully I will keep with it as when I have a baby I'm sure my mind will be else where!

Have you got any tips for me on being organised?

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