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Friday, 30 May 2014

May Favourites

This is the first 'Favourites' post on Beau is Blue! woo! 
I am trying to mix my favourites up, so that I don't bombard you with all make up or all skin care etc. 
So I have tried to vary the products. 

The first thing I am loving this month is Avon Colortrend Eyeliner (£2.99)
I ordered this on a whim, it wasn't expensive and I wanted to try something different. 
At first I wanted to use it in my crease and blend in with my eyeshadow but I have found out that it works amazing as a bottom lash liner, but blended so that it is not too harsh. 
This just seems to make my eyes pop and make them a bit more defined rather than a harsh black or nothing there at all. 
The shade I have been using is Sailor Brown, which is a lovely dark brown but as it is easily bendable you can ideally make it how dark or light you wish. 
I have been using this everyday since I purchased and I have bearly even dented the point so I cannot see Avon Colortrend Eyeliner leaving my make up bag anytime soon!  

I have done a review on the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub which you can read here
I use this day and night and would be lost without it now. Just now my lips have been super dry, I'm not sure if it is due to the weather or my hormones but without this little beauty my lips would be ten times worse. 
After using this my lips are noticeably smoother and softer and this is one product I cannot live without and once I have used it up I will most defiantly be repurchasing! 

I am not usually one for body sprays, but while doing my weekly shop I popped this into my basket as it was on sale and every since I have been spraying it every day. 
The scent is very floral, but that is to my taste. Another selling point is that you can still smell the spray a good couple of hours later.
I do tend to top up the scent by spraying every now and again. This is the first time I have used an Impulse and I picked up True Love without smelling it first, but I will be trying out the others in the range as this has made a good impression! 

I  have done a blog post on this mask before which you can find here. I normally use this every Sunday to give my skin a bit of love. 
Since using this my skin looks better, not that I was spotty in the first place but I did have horrid black heads and milk spots and using this has banished them. 
The mask is a clay like feel and once slathered on your face and left to dry for a good 15 odd minutes its ready to be taken off with warm water. 
I feel that my skin has benefited from using this weekly and is noticeably spot free. If you are like me and have the dreaded black and white spots this is defiantly for you.

Imperial Leather Invigorating Mango Shower Cream (£1)
This just HAD to be in my favourites as I have been using this everyday since purchasing it and I will be repurchasing it for sure. 
The smell had me and one whiff! The scent is a sweet but fruity one but not over powering at all and gives the bathroom a lovely smell too! 
I think this is just in here just for the smell to be honest. It does make you clean and makes your skin feel soft. But I think it's the scent that's got me sold! 

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