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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Review; Butter London in Slapper

I was begining to think I had a slight lipstick obsession, but I now think I am verging on a nail polish-aholic.
I can't seem to go into a shop without staring at the nail polishes and deciding what will be my next 'look'

When I spotted Butter London nail polish rack i was sucked in! I have a couple of Butter London's polishes, one which I did a review on and you can find here.
I left with 2 more shades, the one that is shown which is called Slapper (£15) and another one which I will no doubt do a review on in due course!

Now onto the polish...

When I brushed the polish into my nails I was more then thrilled with the colour that i was met with!
This is exactly the colour that I love. The shade is a teal/green and very pigmented, I only needed 2 coats on the nail and i was good to go.
Like I said in my previous post on the Butter London in Fiver, the nail polish is so durable that I had no chipping for almost a week. Which for a nail polish is amazing, who likes chipping nail polish anyway?!

The brush is a good sized brush and pretty much covers your nail in one go!
Butter London nail polishes come in lovely small pots/jars and they are so easy to hold while you are painting you nails.

I must point out that I did have to use a top coat with this certain polish as after I applied it and left it to dry it sort of dulled down, but with a top coat on my nails Slapper is lovely, shiney and ready for the day ahead!

All in all, I think this has got to be my favourite nail polish I have in my ever growing collection.

(Sorry the photos are awful my camera has broken so this was taken on the good ol' iPhone!)

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