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Friday, 23 May 2014

Review; No7 Perfect Stay Lip Stain

I thought it was about time to share my experience with the No7 Perfect Stay Lip Stain (£9)

The packaging is very professional looking as you can see in the pics below. 
The No7 Perfect Stay Lip Stain has 2 ends (obvz) but one end has a nib and the other end has the gloss.

The nib is great, I find I can get a good line round my lip and the shade is almost the same colour as my lips! 
The Lip Stain I have doesn't have a shade on it so I'm not sure what colour this is but I would describe it as a berry shade, it is pretty purpley-red which is brilliant for me and my skin tone!
Once you put the stain on, my lips do feel quite dry but then you slick on the clear gloss which is on the other end of the Lip Stain and instantly my lips feel softer and conditioned. 

The staying power is pretty good too, I normally put this on in the morning and only have to ever top the gloss up, as with most lip products after you eat/drink you need to reapply, which is the same for this, but the actual lip stain is still noticeable on my lips and doesn't need touched up, unless you want brighter lips.
Because this almost matches my lips it gives me a subtle "permanent" colour. 
When I say permanent I mean all day, not that your lips will forever be this colour! 
I do really like the No7 Perfect Stay Lip Stain. It is one of these products that can be used anytime of day and it will never matter what your wearing as it will go with it!

Have you tried the No7 Perfect Stay Lip Stain before? What are your thoughts?

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