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Friday, 9 May 2014

Review; Lush Big Shampoo

Lush is one of those shops that I lust over all their products but never actually go in and try.
I am unsure why - maybe the strong perfumed scent as you are passing...

On this occasion I decided to pop in and see what I was missing.
I had a look around and picked up a few items (these will be on upcoming reviews so keep your peepers peeled!) things that i would not normally pick up, but that i liked the sound of or the colour/scent.
I needed a variety of things to get a feel of their products and one thing that drew me in instantly was the fact the advertised everywhere is that they are trying to fight against animal testing, which is amazing!
So today's review is on the Big Shampoo. 

I picked up Big and had a good read of the label, It states that This is like having your hair lifted on a sea breeze. I do love big hair and back in the day i back combed my hair like crazy, even now i do back comb my hair but just slightly to give it a bit more volume, so i decided to go ahead an purchase.
The price at the time was £11.50 for 330g tub, which in my opinion is slightly on the steep side.

Once in the shower, i popped about a 50p sized blob on my hand and massaged it into my hair.
This is something i never never felt before - as this has sea salt particles in it, this simply massages your scalp as well as giving it a good ol' clean too. It doesn't take long for it to become all lathered up in my hair.  You can definitely feel the salt granules grinding down with every massage.
Once you are ready to wash Big out your hair - the sea salt granules do fall out into the shower, as i couldn't get rid of them all - my hair felt instantly cleaner than i have ever managed to get it, it was slightly drier than i had hoped, but what can you expect from a sea salt shampoo?

Once i put some love back into it with Moroccan oil just on the ends and blow dried my hair was noticeably bigger than i could have imagined.

I was very impressed that this little tub of Big shampoo could make my hair look fuller and increasingly bigger - no more back combing for me!

I wouldn't use this everyday, perhaps every other day or maybe just before the weekend as i felt it did dry my hair out and it was very, very tangled.
But the result is definitely what i needed - big, bouncy and fuller hair!

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