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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Review; HD Brows Palette in Vamp

Up until recently, I would say possibly the start of last year I started to fill my eyebrows in.
I was never one to follow the crowd and my eyebrows were exactly the same, I did spot girls with what I would call slugs drawn on their face and they call them eyebrows, I however didn't.

I was never into big bold eyebrows and my eyebrows I thought (at the time) were fine and didn't need anything.

My other girl friends used brow pencils to fill their eyebrows in, so one day - I must have been feeling adventurous - I decided to give it a try.  And I must admit I look horrific! I basically drew the liner along my brows and coloured in - and yes I did look like the girls with slugs for eyebrows. I wiped them off as quickly as I had coloured them in they were that bad!

Anyway, the end of last year I saw that you don't have to use eyebrow pencils and you could swap them for eye shadows.
This is what I did, i bought a cheap brown eyeshadow that matched my hair/brow colour and started shading them in, instantly I saw a much better result!
I think the brow pencils were very harsh on me and the shadow softened the look completely.
So after find out that eye shadow works in this way I splashed out on an angled brush and up until a few weeks ago this is what i have been using.

I ordered the HD Brow Palette in Vamp on a whim and I was very excited to try this out, I have never ventured out to anything else other than the brown eyeshadow I mentioned above.
But as soon as this came through the letter box I was excited to try!

The packaging it came in was divine, I love simple yet elegant packaging and this certainly ticked all the right boxes for me. And with it being in my make up bag the dust from all my make up collects and as this is plastic everything just wipes of and make it look brand new again!

And from what I can tell you, and I have only used this a few weeks now and it is definitely worth the hype!
The palette comes with 3 shades,  Nude, Dark Brown, Rich Brown and Carbon!
I did use the Carbon once but it was very dark and didn't suit me at all so I opted for Dark Brown and it suits me perfectly.
I use the small angled brush that comes with the palette as I feel I can control it a bit better.

The powder doesn't drop off the brush but I do tap it off the palette before I attack my eyebrows, once I have done that i flick it through my eyebrow, keeping to the the line where my brow is, I never make them look bigger than they are and I never make them look harsh, so I only use a small amount, and a little does go a long way!
Like I said I have used the HD Brow Palette for a few weeks and it looks like I have hardly touched it!
And I know that once I hit pan I will most certainly be repurchasing it!

The palette comes with a small mirror built in which I think is great for when you are on the move! The shades that are in Vamp I think would suit everyone as there is a lighter colour for all your blondies out there but dark enough for the dark hair girls!

All in all, I am really enjoying using the HD Brow Palette in Vamp and it has a firm face in my make up bag!

Have you tried HD Brow Palettes before?

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