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Monday, 5 May 2014

Review; Batiste Dry Shampoo

One product that I could not live without is a dry shampoo.
I love the fact that they are so light weight and that they give your hair a little bit of oompf when you are between washes.

One product I swear by is the Batiste Dry Shampoo.

The tins they come in are so colourful that your eye is immediately drawn to them. They come in a variety of sizes from big sized tins to small tins that you can pack in your holiday suitcase!

The spray itself works wonders for my hair.

Spray it about 30cms away from your head, I usually put my head upside down and spray.
I have seen reviews of people saying that they do sometimes get white patches but i have never experienced this so far and I use Batiste Dry Shampoo a few times a week.
I think it all depends on the angle you spray it at the the distance from your hair.

Once sprayed onto my hair I simply just give it a quick brush and I am good to go!

Some of the sprays are fragranced, I love the tropical as well as the new cherry one which is pictured.

And for only a couple of pounds you can't go wrong!

What is your favourite Batiste Dry Shampoo?


  1. This sounds lovely! I keep hearing good things about the Batiste dry shampoos so I really want to try one out! x

    Telina | Love, Telina

  2. Got to love a bit of Batiste! I've never experienced white patches either and I've gone through countless bottles..the one I'm currently using is the leopard print one, but I like all of them really x