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Friday, 2 May 2014

Review; Badger Sleep Balm

As far back as I remember I was always a good sleeper, zonked out at normal bedtime hours and slept straight though until the morning - even then it was a struggle to get up!
But up being nearly 8 months pregnant I get pretty restless and have a more broken sleep.
So I thought I would try something to ease me into a peaceful sleep - as I'm sure when our little one is here I won't be getting that much sleep!

So when I saw the Badgers Sleep Balm on Amazon for £4.50, I thought I would give it a try.

First of all can I just say that the little tin in the cutest? I think I was more drawn to this because of the cute tin? Wouldn't you agree?!
It states on the back to be applied to 'Temples, Pressure Points, Face, Neck, Lips" This interested me as I wasn't sure what to do with it? Slather it on like a cream?!
At first I applied this just before I went to bed on my pressure points - I applied to my wrists - the smell wasn't overly strong you could smell the lavender, I rubbed my finger around the tin and applied.
This soaked into my skin instantly and I wasn't let with any residue or stickiness.

Maybe this is a placebo affect - who knows, but for me my sleep was not as broken as the nights before I tried this, so for the next couple of weeks I applied every night, I think the best time to apply this is possibly an hour before you plan on going to sleep, this is what worked well for me anyway, however it might work for you differently.

I have been using the Badger Sleep Balm for a good 2 weeks now and I have seen such good results.
I am now back to sleeping the whole night without a broken sleep and I feel well rested in the morning.

Now I must state that this will not make you fall asleep, the Badger Sleep Balm is merely to help you get a better sleep, so it will relax you and calm your overactive brain and release all the tension you might have.
Well this is what it did for me anyway.

Such a lovely product and I will be reaching for this every bedtime.
Thanks Badger Sleep Balm for giving me my sleep back!


  1. I've got this - I think the tin is bigger though ://

    1. Oh really? It's an amazing little tin to have next to your bed at night for sure! Xx