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Monday, 12 May 2014

Review; Rimmel Extreme Black Volume Flash Mascara in Black Extreme

I was needing a new mascara for a while now as the Benefit Bad Gal Lashes has seen better days to be honest.

So while I was out shopping I spotted the Rimmel Extreme Black Volume Flash mascara in Black Extreme (£5.99)

I love having longer, fuller looking lashes, so this appealed to me a lot due to the packaging stating that it gives x100 volume! Whats not to get excited about?!

The packaging is a simple design that fits perfectly into any make up bag is a winner for me.

With the Rimmel Extreme Black Volume Flash my lashes look so much longer than any other mascara has ever given me before. They looked natural with no clumping or separating with no running either.  Meaning once my lashes were set they stayed that way the whole day and even through to the evening.

The wand is just the prefect size, not too thick so that you can get right into the corners of your lids, the wand is plastic - which normally I would not go for but this worked perfectly for me and I think that's what gave me my lovely looking lashes!

Overall, my lashes looked amazingly longer and fuller but still looking very natural. I would highly recommend this little beauty.

1 comment:

  1. Oh this looks so good and at that price!! Might have to try it hmmm... :)
    Holly Mixtures