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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Review; Magnifibres Brush On Lashes

If it's finding the right mascara that works for you to get your lashes fuller and longer or popping on some false lashes, every girl longs for longer looking lashes don't they?
For me, I use about 3/4 coats of mascara to get my lashes the way I like them and I have never been a fan of false lashes.  I find them very tricky to use and I end up getting the glue all over my lid and ruining my eyeshadow.

So when I was asked to try out Magnifibres Brush On Lashes(*) I had to try this out...

Magnifibres Brush On Lashes  is designed to give you the false lash effect without having to put on any fake lashes and you can still use your normal mascara! BRILLIANT!

I love the packaging, a classy pink and black tube with before and after photos on and brief instructions for use. There are further, more detailed instructions inside the tube.

Magnifibres is designed to be applied after your first coat of mascara and before your second coat. The Magnifibres tube (which looks like a mascara tube!) contains tiny fibres which stick to the first coat of mascara allowing you to build up volume and length with the second coat of mascara.
Because Magnifibres are tiny fibre strands sticking to your lashes, there is no damage to your real lashes and is completely safe to use! Once you apply your second coat of mascara, the little fibres disappears under the coat of mascara and you are left with longer and fuller lashes!

They way that you are instructed to apply Magnifibres is as follows...

Apply your first coat of mascara - you can use any mascara you fancy, this works with ANY mascara.
Then I popped the Magnifibres Brush On Lashes on top of that coat of mascara. It did sort of clump slightly, but I think I was too heavy handed as now I have used this for a few weeks i am getting the hang of it and now I see little to no clumping! So be persistent!
After you have coated your lashes with the Magnifibres leave you lashes for approx 30-60 seconds - this allows the fibres to stick to your lashes and meaning this will not come off on the wand when you apply your second coat.
So after you have waited 30-60 seconds apply your second coat of mascara, the reason for the second coat is to cover up all fibres that are on show as they are white!

And Voila you are good to go with longer and fuller lashes!
(If you want your lashes bigger and more fuller you can just keep adding the fibres until you get your desired look!)

Have you tried Magnifibres before?
If you would like to purchase Magnifibres Brush On Lashes, you can here!

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