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Monday, 14 April 2014

Decorating Baby's Bedroom #2

 Just thought I would update you on what I have been getting up to this weekend! 

So this is what my weekend has consisted of ... wallpapering and painting. 

As I've said before we are expecting a baby boy in the next couple of weeks so the spare bedroom has been converted to a nursery for him.

We chose two colours to paint his room, they were from B&Q and very reasonably priced - must add that it has taken me just over 3 months to choose the 'right' shades of blue! 
So we went for the shades Sky and Hollywood. 

I will post a photo of what the room looks like once we have cleaned up as just now it looks as though a bomb has hit it! 

In a previous post I said that I bought lettering (click here to read) I managed to get the lettering painted and added a few extra bits to give it my own touch, I will also post photos of this at a later date as I don't want his name to be leaked as of now, so for now I will just keep you in suspense...! 
Short and sweet today!

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