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Friday, 11 April 2014

My Shower Routine

I am slightly getting stuck for ideas on posts, as in not your average review/make up post.
So i thought i would mix it up a little today and let you into my shower (ohh err) No, but seriously, i thought i would let you in on my shower routine and what products i use and how they work for me.

Most of these products i am away to mention, but you will all be able to see in the picture, are just 'normal' bathroom products that you can get cheaply and are convenient, as i don't know about you, but when i am looking at other peoples blogs, i tend to see really nice products and have no clue where to get them, if they are local or worldwide.
So all these products you can get from a general supermarket, which is always handy if you're out food shopping add these to your list!

I love the Alberto Balsam Shampoo's and Conditioner's, i really like the Apple one, but sadly they didn't have the conditioner, and i'm not sure if i am the only person that can't use a different shampoo and a different conditioner. - Just not a fan!
So this was my second choice, i have used this before and it works wonders on my hair, because its an anti-oxidant, my hair feels very clean and conditioned after using both the shampoo and conditioner.
If you have never smelt the Alberto Balsams - where have you been? they are the best smelling shampoo and conditioners going i recon, Hold on i have to go smell them again.... ahhh they are amazing.
The smell of this one, is Pomegranate and Grape seed which is just heavenly scent.

Next up is something i have loved for a while and it has just ran out, so i had to go buy a new one! I use this maybe every 2/3 times a week. I mentioned before that this is so lovely on my skin and is very creamy yet runny - that makes no sense but i mean it is a creamy consistency but it comes out the tube pretty fast.
It has little beads in it which exfoliates my skin and gets rid of all dead skin and just cleans my body well!
The smell is absolutely divine, actually smells like a smoothie - good enough to eat!
I love using this - good for my skin and good for my nose!

My normal shower gel is the Original Source Vanilla Milk and Raspberry shower cream.
I think there is a theme going here, as even this smells good enough to eat!
The smell reminds me of some sweetie i use to eat when i was little, but i am still yet to remember what it's called. But this is the same as the Smoothie, it feels like my skin is moisturised and not dry and tight, which is always a bonus! I also like reading the facts on the bottle!
That is basically it for the shower time, when i come out of the shower i do the normal things like brush the teeth, dry myself etc etc.

But one other thing i do while i am in the bathroom is put a little bit of the Avon Naturals Conditioning Balm in the palm of my hand and rub it in the ends of my hair. It is a creamy like constancy and does wonders to my hair, I was unsure at first if this was a leave in conditioner or an actually conditioner, but it works for me both way, but i find if i use this as soon as i am out the shower my hair sits better. I don't put it on the length of my hair or the roots as it does make my hair greasy and sort of pulls my hair down.

So yes, this is my shower products.  What do you use any of the products i have mentioned?

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