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Friday, 18 April 2014

Review; Butter London in Fiver

With the summer months fast approaching i decided to revamp my nail polish collection and when I spotted Butter London's Collection i instantly fell in love with Fiver (£14)
This is a 'me' colour, i love greens!  I have never tried a pale green colour before so I wasn't sure how it would look on my nails and with my skin tone, but as soon as i put Fiver on I fell in love!
The colour is more a mint colour.
Fiver went on effortlessly with only needing 2 coats, but on a few occasions I did notice with was a bit thin so I did reapply so more, but other than that it was lovely. The drying time was hardly any with it drying after I had finished the last nail so I could start on nail one again.

I have had Fiver on for about a week I'd say and i have had no chipping!  Which is a major bonus for me as I hate chipped nail polish and any sign of chipping I remove the nail polish completely, so that's saved me doing my nails for a couple of days!

The shine you get from the nail polish too is unbelievable! I don't usually put a top coat on my nails, mainly because I cant find one i like.  The shine you get from your nails with Fiver is like when you use a top coat.

Butter London in Fiver gets a 10/10 from me! Best nail polish i have tried and loved from start to finish!

1 comment:

  1. I love the shape of your nails lovely colour xxx