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Friday, 21 March 2014

Review; Vie Signature Lipstick in Nude Shimmer

I saw this Vie Signature Lipstick when i was in Home Bargains, i think i picked this up for a few pound.

The packaging was quite basic with a blue box and inside the lipstick barrel was pretty basic too, just a plastic silver case and on the top of the lid it has been stamped with 'Vie' but anyway i picked the lipstick up and looked at the shade, which was called 'Nude Shimmer', when i opened it up to swatch it the colour was slightly nude but more of a peachy tone which when i swatched it was a lovely colour.
I have a few nude lipsticks but none with a peachy undertone, so i snapped this up to take home to try out!

Vie Signature has a lovely texture and was so smooth to apply, the Nude Shimmer is slightly disevening as there is no 'shimmer' in this lipstick at all which is a bonus for me as i don't want my lips looking like a disco ball after all. The lipstick also went on so evenly and was a dream to wear!
It was a lovely light nude/peach colour but i would definitely say it is more peach than a brown nude.

I have only had this for a few days but it has never been off my lips!  I think because the colour is so versatile and can be worn with anything and suits my skin tone perfectly!

When i was in the shop i did see there were different Vie Signature lipstick shades so i will definitely be trying more out from this range!

Have you tried the Vie Signature Lipsticks before? Any shades you would recommend?

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