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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Review; Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

I needed a new bottle of foundation as the Maybelline Fit Me was running pretty low and my face without foundation is horrific!
So while i was out shopping, surfing the shelves for something that i could stick to, i ended up picking the Rimmel Stay Matte foundation.
Unbeknown to me this is fairly new!
I was looking for something that wouldn't leave my face shiney or make my make up go south.
So Stay Matte appealed to me alot, due to the mattifing power.

I have been using this for sometime now and i can safetly say this is a foundation for life.
I feel so much better when i have applied the Stay Matte! My make up stays in place all day with no need to touch up, as for the shineyness - what shineyness!!

I use to use the Rimmel Stay Matte powder which i must admit sometimes dried my skin out. But with the Stay Matte foundation i have seen no dry patches at all!

The shade i went for was Ivory and this matches my skin tone perfectly. Once this has been blended in my face looks flawless.

I am unsure of how much this little beauty cost but i wouldnt say any more than £5.

Have you tried the Rimmel Stay Matte foundation yet? I would certainly recommend for anyone tha wants a lovely flawless finish!


  1. I have that foundation! I absolutely love it!!xx

    1. It's just amazing isn't it! A permanent staple in my make up bag for sure!

      Thanks for the comment love xx