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Monday, 24 March 2014

Helping you along the way!

If you are expecting a baby or already have a baby, my advice to you is sign up to as many baby club things that are going about.

As we are all fully aware baby's are not cheap and the preparation leading up to the big day can become very costly. So with that in mind signing up to get monthly newsletters from brands which will help you with advice and sometimes issue coupons and up and coming deals is a great way to get you on your way!

I mean i have signed up to get email newsletters from Aptaclub, Boots, Cow and Gate and Asda.

I received a free gift box for signing up to the Aptaclub and also the Cow and Gate.  With these two gift boxes i received a cuddly toy, something for the expectant mum and lots of leaflets that gives you up to date information in each box.

With the Boots subscription, i get monthly emails as well as a glossy magazine through the door. I think this is one that you should definitely sign up to this as you get a few money off coupons - which will be a god send when you need to get a few bits and bobs while in town. Also if you use a Boots Advantage Card with the baby section you get double points! Something not to be passed up on!

Also, with the Asda newsletter, you get monthly emails again but of all the up and coming offers. I haven't received anything through the door as of now. But if you can save some money with the offers then you cant complain!

I just thought i would pass on some helpful information that has helped me along the way of preparing for my little bundle of fun!


  1. I will definitely be signing up to every possible baby club when I have a baby, can't beat free stuff and a good old coupon!

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

    1. Yes, it's a must! So many savings!
      Thanks for the comment love xx