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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Review; Rimmel Colour Rush Lip Balm in 'On Fire'

I am a lover of tinted lip balms at the moment, with it coming up to the warmer months i don't want to be drying my lips out with harsh lipstick.
So while i was out shopping i nipped into Boots and picked up a few things, and the Rimmel Colour Rush Lip Balm caught my eye!
There were many shade to chose from but once i swatched a few i decided to go with On Fire, a lovely red balm with a warm orange through it.
I don't have a lip stick that has such warm tones to them so i thought this would be ideal for giving my that pop of colour i need!

I love the design of the Rimmel Colour Rush little lip pencil, there is a section at the bottom of the lip balm that you turn/screw and the lip balm is then pushed upwards, just like a lipstick!
There is so much of the lip product in this little pencil, which amazed me, and i know that it will last a while and hopefully right through the summer!

The Rimmel Colour Rush lip balm goes on so smoothly and creamy, and leave such a lovely rich colour that its exactly like putting on lipstick, you have the colour and the consistancy.  But the balm helps your lips to look healthier and gives it a lovely soft finish!

I am so annoyed with myself that i didn't pick up a few of these, but i can definately tell you that i will be purchasing more when i am in town!
They cost a little over £5, which wont break the bank, and i know this will last me a while.

At them moment this has been my go to lip balm and the Rimmel Colour Rush has a permanent space in my handbag.
Since i have bought this i have used it nearly every day, the colour goes with everything i own so far, and suits my skin tone completely!
I am so glad i have Rimmel Colour Rush in On Fire in my collection! 
Have you tried the Rimmel Colour Rush lip balms yet? What are your thoughts?

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