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Monday, 31 March 2014

DIY - Crayon Canvas

So today i thought i would do something a bit different!
It's a DIY post but sadly i didn't photograph every step as i just did it as i went along!

So, i have seen these on Pintrest and the like and i decided to give it a bash and i don't think i did all that bad!

The items i used are...

1 x Canvas
1 x Packet of Crayons
1 x Superglue
A Hairdryer

I started with a small canvas, you get many sizes but i decided to go for a small square. But go with whatever you think. Personally i think this size is the best as the crayons fit perfectly along the top. I bought my canvas from a shop called Home Bargains for £1.99.

I also picked up a packet of crayons too.  I picked up a packet of 24 Crayola crayons as these were the only ones on the shelf. But as with the canvas just pick whatever you wish. I think these were as little as 99p!

While surfing the craft shelves i saw some cute pearl stickers. They were 99p and i snapped these up.

Lets get too it!

Firstly you will need to do this on a flat surface such as a table. Cover your surface with newspaper - you will need to cover quite a large surface regardless the size of canvas you pick as the wax bit does get messy!

Once you have covered your space, get your canvas a pop it flat. Next you need to crayons and aline them neatly along the top of the canvas. I went for the same shade of colours so i could get a rainbow effect. But this is entirely up to you, after all it is your own masterpiece! And superglue them to the canvas.

Now comes the messy part, once the glue has dried and your crayons a firmly stuck to the canvas get your hairdryer and heat the bottoms of the crayons up, you will soon see the wax melting and running down the canvas. This can get pretty messy as you will see the wax flying in all directions.
Keep going until you are satisfied with the result.

Leave the wax to dry and once everything is dry, there you have it! Your finished canvas!

I did add the pearl stickers i bought to the bottom of every wax run, which i think just sets it of perfectly.

And that it! 

Hope you enjoyed this little DIY post! 
I would love to see what you come up with! So go on - get creative!

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