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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Review; Topshop Black Eyeliner

Topshop Eyeliner in Black

I have had this Topshop Eyeliner for a while and it's very loved.

Before i used liquid eyeliner, and one of my friends recommended gel liner so i purchased it to see if i could work with it, and i must admit it was quite tricky to get a small line along my lash and then get that flick, i started using different brushes until i found the one that worked for me and now this little tub gets full useage.

I normally put a line along my lash and then flick out and also on my waterline. (Not a heavy line just something that will define my eyes)

I don't think i ever will go back to liquid as looking back it sometime smudged as i was too lazy to wait for it to dry before i whacked my lids back up! But the Topshop eyeline doesnt budge when it's on let alone smudge. This lasts me the whole day without being touched up or anything!

I can't remember how much this was but i can assure you that it wasn't expensive and didnt break the bank! 

This gets 10/10 from me!

Have you purchased this? What do you think of gel eyeliners?


  1. I love doing cat eye flicks but haven't tried this and have seen in topshop before and been tempted xxx


    1. Cat flicks are so tricky but practice makes prefect and all that!
      Thanks for the comment love xx

  2. Love gel liners! Never tried this one though!


    1. Ooh its a good 'un! Gel liners are so easy to use too! Thanks for the comment hun xx

  3. I love gel liners too! Fashionista is the one I'm currently using. I'll definitely be looking out for this on my next shop x

    1. Oooh never heard of Fashionista! Will have to look out for this! But the Topshop one is so good! Staple in my make up bag for sure! Thanks for you comment love xx