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Monday, 17 March 2014

Decorating Baby's Bedroom

For the past few months me and my partner have known that we are having a baby boy. Which is so exciting!
We are pretty organised as in we have picked his full name and have started to get little bits and bobs to jazz up his bedroom. 

Actually thinking back, it did take me 3 months to choose the right shade of blue for the room! Apparently to men all shades of blue "look the same" so once we (I) had come to the decision of which blue we would be painting his room in, we chose the colour Sky, it is a lovely pastel blue shade, things started to fall into place a bit better. 

We haven't actually started painting yet, mind you! But we will get that done when we both have a spare minute or two! 

I have an image of what I want the room to look like, so over the weekend we popped into a shop called "Hobby Craft" if you don't know what it is, Hobby Craft is basically a creative persons dream! You walk in and are basically greeted with feathers, beads, card, everything that you probably played with in school! It's slightly overwhelming and I did go walk around with a huge smile on my face for the most part! 
But I did find what I was looking for... Single lettering! 

I am looking to paint these and pop them up above his crib. 

The letters pictured above are what we bought they are 8 inches high and made of papermache. You did get them in 4 inches but I felt that was far too small for what I wanted to do with them.
They cost £2 per letter and our little boy has quite a long name!

The reason i haven't posted the actual letters is because i want to keep people guessing his name! I'm giving nothing away! Sneaky Sneaky!

You can get the letters that i bought here. You can order them online and collect in the shop or have them delivered straight to your door! Very handy if you ask me!

I will update you all on how I get on! 
Wish me luck!

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