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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Review; Sally Hanson Dry Kwik Nail Colour Dryer

The one thing i hate when painting my nails is the drying time!
I love painting my nails but waiting on them drying is an absolute nightmare.  Anyone else agree?
Actaully saying that, after flapping my hands around waiting on them drying i usually find 101 things that need done and them smudge my nails and need to re do them all over again!

So while i was out shopping i spotted the Sally Hansen Dry Kwik Nail Colour Dryer. It was only a couple of pounds so didn't break the bank if it didn't work.
But it claims that it drys your nails in 60 seconds.
So why wouldn't i want to try this out?

 I did exaclty what it said on the packet.
You paint your nails any colour you want and then apply the Sally Hansen Dry Kwik and then you are good to go!  And you really are good to go after appying this!

I painted my nails and then popped this on and by the time i was finshed with my 10th nail the first hand was completely dry, the only thing you will notice is that it leaves an oily feel on your nails, but i presume that is the oils out of the nail polish but it doesn't do you or your newly painted nails any harm - infact i massage it onto my cuticles.
After about 60 seconds you are free to go take the washing out the washing machine or whatever you were like "Darn i need to go do this or that"

I now have no idea how i have manged to live my life so far without knowing these exsisted! The Sally Hansen Dry Kwik is one of those must have items that you should have in your nail polish collection!

Have you tried any of the Sally Hansen products before? If so i would love to know as i want to branch out in this brand!

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