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Friday, 14 March 2014

Review; Avon Naturals Conditioning Balm

I placed an order with Avon over a month ago and in the sale brouchure was this Naturals Conditioning Balm.
Now, to be honest my hair is not the best but i wouldn't say it's the worst either. But i do know that i need to look after it a bit more.
I chose this due to the fact i have never seen this before or used anything like this. The price also swayed me a great deal. I am sure i paid under £2 for this.

When i received this it was in a much bigger pot than i had expected! Paying so little for this i thought i would have got a small sample size but no i got a massive tub, which was fantastic!

To be really honest i struggled on what to do with it, it doesn't say how to use it on the tub and i had given my Avon book back so i couldn't even read the description! Nightmare!
But then this is where the big wide world comes in, i took to the internet, typed in the conditioning balm and HEAPS of reviews came up on this.
I soon found out what i had actually bought was a leave in conditioner.
Now, i have had some bad experiences with leave in conditioners as i think the weigh my hair down a great deal and looks slightly greasy by the end of the day.
But reading further down some people said they use it like normal conditioner in the shower.

First of all i tried this a a leave in conditioner, i applied it to my hair when it was wet then blowdried. All in all my hair was fine, but by the end of the night i wanted to wash my hair as i felt it looked like i hadn't washed it in a while! Which is not a good look!
So i decided to try out what other people said they used it for - just a normal conditioner - and my hair has improved so so so much!
I just use this after shampooing and i put most of it on the ends and work my way up, this doesnt lather up - in fact you can hardly see it on your hair - and instantly after blowdrying and straightening my hair felt so much healthier!
I only use this maybe a few times a week, but from using it my hair is shiney, healthy looking and in great condition!

I am so glad i picked this up for the bargain price! But i think because it was in the sale it might be getting discontinued or going up to a more expensive price, but if you see this definately pick it up!
A massive 10 out of 10 from me and my hair!
Have you tried the Naturals Conditioning Balm? How do you use it?


  1. I can't believe you got this for £2 that's such a bargain

    Jorden x


    1. It was a steal at that price!
      Thank you for commenting :) x

  2. Oh wow this sounds fab for the price, leave in conditioner in balm form don't work for me either so sounds great for traditional methods xxxx