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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Relax on Mother's Day with some Cake!

Mother's Day for me is something special, it could just be that the novelty hasn't worn off yet - i hope it never does! Last year Elliott was still a baby and had no clue what day it was, but to me, it marked my first ever Mother's Day!

This year however, Elliott is that little bit older, granted he won't know what day it is! At toddlers he has made a card (which I helped with...) and because he made it, makes it so much more special and it's a day that I get a long lie and *hopefully* breakfast in bed! Wishful thinking maybe?!

To mark this special occasion Baker Days sent me this beautiful personalised cake to try.

I was sent a personalised Letterbox Gift Cake (£14.99)(*) through the post. I was a bit sceptical about receiving a cake through the post as I thought by the time it has got to me it would be a big ball of mush, but how wrong could I be!!
The letterbox cake came in a cute little tin which fit perfectly through my letterbox so there is no need to wait in on your delivery. If you order before 2pm that day you will receive your cake the next day too! Brilliant service!

I was super excited to open the tin and find out what I had been sent and what it looked like. I was surprised at how well packaged it was inside the tin and was intact! The personalised design was absolutely stunning!

I popped it out of the tin and I was instantly hit with the sweet smell of vanilla. On inspecting the cake, it was finished to perfection. I couldn't fault it at all.

I decided to wait until Jordan got home before cutting into it, as I know he would have been annoyed if I dug in without him!

And let me tell you it was delicious. We had a sponge cake, which was soft, fluffy and very moreish! In fact I think we ate more than half between us! I don't think we need the 14 day use by date! The Letterbox cake would feed 4 people, maybe more if they want smaller pieces and they also come in 4 different flavours!

I think a personalised cake is a brilliant gift for that someone that has everything! Bet they won't have a personalised cake through their letterbox! With 500 designs - you wont be stuck for ideas!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  2. We tried Baker Days a couple of Christmasses ago. I think its a great idea (and the cake tasted great!) X