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Thursday, 17 December 2015

DIY Christmas Cards!

This year we have decided to give out our very own personalised Christmas cards, and aren't they cute!! 

Like I said in the last Christmassy DIY makes, this time last year we were Christmas craft crazy and anything I could do, I would do with a 6 month old Elliott! 

Fast forward to this year and I was really unprepared, it's scary how quickly December comes around! Oh and Elliott was pretty uncooperative!! Actually he wasn't that bad, he just lost interest quickly...
So, to tackle this and make THIRTY cards (I did it over a couple of days) I popped him on the couch with his favourite movie and some munch and set to work! 

I knew we would be making Christmas cards so I nipped to Hobbycraft and picked up 3 packs of white cards which were only a couple of pounds(!) I also picked up some googly eyes, glue dots and a packet of red stars! 
This came to under £15!! Fab price considering i got 30 cards out of it!

I already had paints so I painted his foot with brown paint (quite thickly) and pressed it onto the card.  The paint I used dried really quickly so after I done about 10 they were almost dry! 
I added 2 googly eyes with glue dots and added a red star for the nose - not forgetting to draw some antlers on with a felt tip! 

We were at a Christmas market and I spotted these cute vintage card greetings so I snapped a few up and I just think that it finishes the card off perfectly! 

I have already given out the cards and everyone are loving having something so personal to display! 

Are you making my DIY memories this year?

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