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Monday, 13 July 2015


We are now in the generation that uses mobile phones for everything, surfing the Internet, checking the weather and what my phone is used for more than anything else - taking photos, many photos!

It is so easy to whip out your phone and take a snap of your child doing the same pose as yesterday, but it's too cute not to take a photo of right?!
Well I can tell you that my phone is jammed packed with photos of Elliott - that I have even had to buy more storage on my iPhone...
From day one I wanted to get a photo album and print off hard copies as something I like doing is flicking through a photo album.  I much prefer to hand over a photo album than my phone anyway!

I love going round to my parents and taking out the photo albums and looking back at all the old photographs of my family, there is something about it which makes me so happy! I remember when I was pregnant and we looked through the photographs and wondered what the little baby inside my belly would look like!

I found an app through the App Store on my iPhone called Free Prints, which is an app that prints your photos and send them straight to your house - the app has made it so simple to print off your favourite photos.
You get 40+ free prints a month which is great, for every print that you go over I think they charge 5p which I think is a great price - much cheaper than going into Tesco or Asda and getting them printed I have found out!

You simply upload the photos that you would like to be printed either from you phone or social media accounts, fill in your details and hit send! Your prints will be delivered through Royal Mail within the week and they are great quality - no blurry photos or cropped the wrong way etc. Sometimes when you upload the photos they will pop up with a blurry warning but a few tweeks to the photo (usually making it larger) seems to solve this. 

You can get so many different sizes of photographs which is great, you can get square photos which are just the same as Instagram sizes or larger ones that can accommodate any frame size.

I usually send off for photos every couple of months and I do tend to go over the 40 odd photos that are free so I do have to buy some as well as paying for postage. It is such a cheaper way of getting your most precious memories printed, I have never gone over £10 anyway!

Before I pop them into a photo album I write the date on the back, so when we look back on the photos 10-20 years from now we will know exactly when it was taken.

We have cute little baby photo albums which I love, but we got them as a present when Elliott was born, I filled it and looked for another as I wanted to keep the same style but I couldn't find any and neither could my lovelies over on Twitter - they did their best too!

So I ended up getting these light brown almost grey square photo albums which are just out of my local Home Bargains for about £1.99, which sit nicely on a shelf in our living room for all to see!

Do you keep photographs on photo albums like us? 

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  1. What a great idea! Like you I like actual photo albums and I had never heard of Free Prints but will be looking into it now on your recommendation. So thanks!

  2. I miss the days with actual photos and so much so i actually ordered some real life photos this week and got so excited when they arrived!
    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments