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Tuesday, 14 July 2015


As I'm sure you are all aware - we love books! I co host a linky on a Saturday called the Weekend Book Club and I am constantly reading all the linked book reviews and we have picked up some that have been featured!
I thought I would share with you some books we have both been loving over the past few weeks!

All these books have been given to Elliott for his birthday - he was a very lucky boy! I am hoping to get a little bookcase for his bedroom to pop all his books into.
The first book is called That's Not My Tractor..., we love all the That's not my... books, we have the Piglet one and the Monster one and alwasy looking to expand our collection and the Tractor one is a lovely addition!
The book feature big bold pictures with touchy feely textures on each page. I love the way Elliott's little finger dances round the page taking in everything! 

The next a classic nursery rhyme - Baa Baa Black Sheep.  Other than the classic nursery rhyme this features a little finger puppet which Elliott seems to love.  I feel this keeps him entertained and focused on the little rhyme. This is the first finger puppet book we own and from the response it gets I will certainly be purchasing more. 

Lastly the Rabbit's Nap is a big favourite.  Not only does it have a catchy rhyme it has its lift the flaps on every page. Again Elliott finger goes straight to the flap and lifts it up to reveal another part to the story - one thing I will say is that I cannot leave him alone with this book as one page is already missing a flap! 
The story features a rabbit that is looking for somewhere to nap but is constantly interupted! 

Remember to add your book reviews to #weekendbookclub on Saturday!

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  1. My daughter loves Rabbits Nap, infact all the books in that series are a big favourite in our household! x

    Abbie | www.lilymaeadventures.com

  2. monkey still loves Rabbits nap as well as the others in the same series, I think it has something to of with lifting the flaps!! :D #ToddlerAprrovedTuesday

  3. The 'that's not my' books have always been a firm favourite in our house! At the moment it's any book that makes noises too! We have several haha! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  4. We've had that's not my tractor book from the library, much enjoyed by both boys. We also love Rabbits Nap, it's a great series of books! :) x #toddlerapproved

  5. Gorgeous books! I love the little black sheep, so cute! Thanks so much for linking up with #toddlerapprovedtuesday sorry my comment is late xx