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Monday, 29 June 2015


For a while now Elliott and I have been going out for a walk daily, sometimes not everyday as the weather in Scotland can be pretty rubbish - although I am always saying that I have a rain coat, so does Elliott and he also is under a rain cover keeping dry - so really the weather shouldn't be that much of an issue!
My fitness level has gone down shockingly, I was pretty much panting after walking a small distance, I have never been into going to the gym or that as I was and still am (probably more) body conteince. Now I have to put it out there, I am not big by all means, but I think everyones weight/fitness level is their own battle, you could be a perfect size 10 and still have body issues! So going out and getting fresh air while getting Elliott out and about - seeing new things - was a huge thing for me. 

I put on almost 3 stone while pregnant, and call me nieve, but in my my head once baby was here I would be out pushing baby in the the pram everyday all day - oh how wrong I was... 

One of Elliott's birthday presents was a 4-in-1 Smartrike. This is great for both of us, not only is Elliott getting the full use out of it by taking in the scenery and fresh air I am getting fitter and enjoying spending time with little one saying 'that's a tree, ooh another tree, thats a big tree isn't it' over and over again!

I downloaded an app called Endomondo, which tracks where you go and how far you've travelled. The great thing about this app is you can change the settings with ease, so you can run, swim, walk etc. I have done a couple of runs but that soon fizzled out when I discovered that I run a bit like Pheobe from Friends...

I decided to track our usual walk, which I never knew how long I had been out or what distance we had travelled - so when we got home and I checked the app I was surprised that I had walked just over a mile and a half! I have been doing this like I said nearly every day! That's quite a good walk for a 'starter' walk! 

One day we will venture outwith out little village and take on bigger walks but just now I am more than happy with the walk that is right outside my door! 

You always have to start somewhere don't you! 

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  1. This app is just what I need! Today is the start of my healthy eating/fitness regime and am going to look into getting this app as I feel it will make me more determined to walk more. Thanks for sharing!

    Rebecca - RebeccaClaire'sBlog

    1. It's a great app, totally keeps me motivated anyway as I can track my walk :)
      Thanks for commenting! Xx

  2. Go you! Add me to endomondo. I never remember to track but will defy be doing so when Button is here!

    1. You can add people? I wasn't aware of this!! How do I do that :) yes let's go out walking soon!

  3. Looks like a pretty good walk to me! I use a similar app when I walk and it's such great motivation. I gained about the same when I was pregnant and it's taken me 15 months to lose it.. Keep up the good work! #sharethejoy

  4. Sounds like a great way to up your fitness levels. #MagicMoments

  5. I have used similar apps before when I used to run but haven't used it recently, I also have a fitbit in a drawer somewhere. I'm currently trying to loose my baby weight so really should fish it out as I have been doing lots of walking. #mummymonday

  6. What a great way to improve your fitness! Like you I put on a lot of weight when I was pregnant with my two little ones and I used a mobile app - NOOM - to lose it all. I've got a bloggers trial running at the moment if you're interested? Let me know if you are. In the meantime thanks for linking this up at #sharethejoy x

  7. I've got a similar app, I need to be better at using it though. Thanks for linking up.with #sharethejpy