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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Meal Times Essentials!

Meal times in our house use to be messy and fun... I use fun loosely!
I did a post about what meal times were like when we started to introduce Baby E to food here!

Fast forward a few months, and now food goes into this mouth rather than everywhere but his mouth!

I think it was just a lot of practise really and that if he threw it on the floor he wouldn't be getting it again. He soon realised this and the food on the floor reduced greatly!
We really enjoy taking him out for food now knowing that I wont be forever picking up bits of food off the floor and baby wiping mashed potato out of is hair for the third time....  

I thought it was a good idea to share what we use on a daily basis at meal times!

A Plate
We use a plate for most evening meals, as Baby E is eating pretty much what we are eating this makes dishing up so much easier! I also spread it around the plate for it can cool a bit more quickly as if your little one is like mine and sees food, they will scream until they get it... 
We have this Emma Bridgewater set (£19.95) and the plate is big enough for Baby E's meals. It is pretty hard as it has been dropped from the high chair a couple of times and is still good as new!

A Bowl
We use a bowl for mornings, unless he has toast which is a big favourite! Usually he has a Wheatabix and milk and the Emma Bridgewater bowl is such a good size for Baby E! It is deep enough yet small enough for little hands! I am still currently feeding Baby E with a spoon as he is not yet trusted with a  baby fork and knife just yet! 

Like I said above, I spoon feed Baby E his breakfast and some evening meals (Lunch is usually a sandwich where he can use his hands) We have so many spoons but always go back to the same ones which are the Tommee Tippee Baby Spoons (£4.99). I think we bought these before Baby E was here as they were on sale and I'm so glad we did buy them, they have lasted well and only one spoon has been discoloured from Spag Bol! I am hoping to get Baby E to use a fork and knife soon, I think this will be a purchase in the next couple of weeks! 

A Sucker
This sucker came in a pack which I reviewed here. This is such a great idea! I simply wet the top and bottom and stick one end on the bottom of the bow/plate and the other on the high chair.  I have to say that there is little to no movement and sometimes I struggle to get the plate off! The sucker stops bowls or plates being picked up by little hands and flung across the kitchen - something we have experienced before this came into our lives! 

A Drinking Cup
I really like the Munchkin drinking cups, hence why I have featured two today. The first is a Straw Drinking Cup (£4) which Baby E has taken too super well. He has mastered the art of sucking on straws so this was a no brianer. The next is a Training Cup (£4.99)(*) which Baby E did not take to at all at first but I have reintroduced it a couple of months later and he was fine with it. I think I may have introduced it too soon. But with both these cup being non spill or leak they suit us fine, they have both been dropped from the height of a highchair and have survived.

We always use a bib at meal times, saves messing up his clothes. We really like the MAM Bibetta Ultrabib (£5.99)(*) one for sitting in the highchair. Its is so lightweight and super soft - even after washing it a million times already! With the little built in food catcher bit makes eating so much easier. No food is on the floor/ mushed into his trousers or sitting in the highchair! You can pretty much wipe it down if not too messy but if you do wash it, it doesn't take an age to dry either which is prefect as we only have one of these. I think we will be getting another as they come in different colours!

Nom-Nom Kids Reusable Pouches (£2.95)(*)
We use this mainly more for snack but I have seen me popping some dessert in the pouch in at meal times and handing it to Baby E to slurp. We both love the pouches and they are used everyday. I did a review over here where I tell you more about them. The great thing about the pouches are they can be used at anytime - we've used them while in the car, on picnics, in restaurants and when out visiting family and friends. They are so easy to clean too! We've had ours a couple of months and they look pretty much brand new! I have recommended the reusable pouches to everyone I see - everyone should have some reusable pouches in their household for sure!

Giddybowl (£9.99)(*) - Not pictured as I'm silly and put it out of shot...!!
This isn't really used at meal times, but I this helps so much at snack time that I thought I would include it. I did a review on this here where I say it's an amazing product. I just really like it, its a genius product that has made our life so much easier! Baby E now associates the Giddybowl with snacks and gets so excited when it is brought out of the cupboard. I can't remember life without this really and I recommend it to anyone that complains of snacks all over their floor!

And that's it! 

What are your meal time essentials? I'd love to know! 

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  1. Ohhhh I love that Munchkin cup so much! I have been on the hunt for one where I live and cant find one anywhere! grrrrrr!!! Hmmm what are our mealtime essentials...hmmm I must say a mess mat! 3 under 4's a you can imagine meal time is messy!

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  2. I LOVE the Emma Bridgewater set - so adorable! We're a bit boring at mealtimes as I'm still using most of the stuff I had with my 3 year old was a baby. So Tommy Tippee sippy cups, a wipedown Tommy Tippee bib and any old non-breakable plates and bowls. Though we put most food straight down on her highchair tray (we BLW). Oh and a ton of kitchen roll and Method cleaner spray for clean ups!

  3. I think you've got it covered there!

    Looks as though you've a great set of essentials.

    We'd love you to join our Facebook page and post your posts there too! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1603157459926512/

    Thanks so much for linking up to #toddlerapprovedtuesday this week x

  4. That Emma Bridgewater set is adorable!! We are just getting to the weaning stage and I'm so excited, if a little apprehensive about it! xx

  5. These are great feeding tools! The other thing that was absolutely indispensable to me was a highchair that could be taken outside and hosed down. My twins were EXTREMELY messy eaters, and I certainly didn't want them eating in something where food could get stuck and grow fungus!

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday!