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Monday, 18 May 2015

11 Month Update!

We've made it to eleven months - HIGH FIVE! 

While filling out Baby E's record book I noticed that my little 11 month old has come on leaps and bounds in the last 5 months with movement, language, feeding and sleeping.

Since hitting the 6 months mark he has rolled over, sat up by himself, crawled, pulled himself up, cruising the furniture and is now walking with one hand! I cant get my head around that my once non-moving baby is super close to taking his first unaided footstep!

We still attend Mother and Toddlers and are both loving it. I noticed when I first took Baby E he just sat and played with what is in front of him, now as soon as we enter the room he is wriggling to get out of my arms and play with all the boys and girls. It's a couple of hours that I can chill, drink endless cups of tea and have a good gossip.
I am starting to make more mummy friends which I am more than thrilled about and it's giving me more confidence.

His speech is coming on great, I will say he's not saying full blown sentences - far from that! But his first word was MUM, which was on repeat for a good 4 weeks and then he learnt DADA and I was off the hook! BYEBYE is another which he uses when people leave. He has said CAT once but never to be heard again! He chats to himself all the time and has conversations with his toys which is just the cutest thing ever. He has also started to wave hello and wave goodbye as well as saying BYEBYE. Although he tends to wave continuously at objects or a possible ghost...

Feeding has come one massively - something I have noticed in the last few weeks to be honest! He has now learnt that food goes in the mouth rather than everywhere but the mouth. My floor is now food free much to the cats dismay! I will do a post later about what has helped us, but I think in this case it really is practise makes perfect!

Baby E eats a good amount too, he is not fussy in the slightest and will eat whatever is put in front of him - something I am so glad about, as when I was little my mum had to make two separate meals as I wouldn't eat what the rest of the family ate.
Along with this, his intake of milk has reduced a lot too. He gets 2 bottles a day. I can't force anymore down him - he will drink what and when he wants but he's just not interested. He is happy and healthy and that's all that matters!

He is a very lazy boy, loves his sleep just like his mum! We have landed really lucky and he goes down at 6:30pm / 7pm. He rarely stays up past 7pm, but if he does it's not a problem but it's never later that 7:30pm. He will sleep right through the night until 8;30am.
I must add he has slept through the night from 4 months but we have had a few night since then that he was up with teething, when I say it - it was Bonjella on the dummy and back down - none of this 'children awake and raring to go'!

Baby E is a massive lover of music and 'dances' on the spot. Whether it be an advert or one of his musical toys he will stop what he's doing and dance with a great big smile on his face!
I am so glad he enjoys dancing it makes us all laugh and I'm sure in years to come he will still be making us laugh with his dance moves!

Nessie, who is Baby E's most prized possession had taken a back seat. He no longer 'needs' Nessie in his day to day life. Nessie is still in his cot and will stay there but there is no need to take it out and about with us - I'm quite glad to be honest, saves losing it!  I popped up a post about our story of Nessie here! - it's a good read!

Dummy's are almost a thing of the past... we don't give him a dummy throughout the day but at night time or nap time there is one is his cot which he does suck, but within 20 minutes the dummy is out of the mouth so I remove it from the cot and he is not fazed by it at all! Hopefully if I keep at it, he will be dummy free!

I had so many topics written down on my phone but my phone has died and I can't think of anymore!

I still cant get over that in 4 weeks my little boy is away to be a one year old!!

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  1. Wow he is a awesome sleeper! Enjoy the last moments of him not walking, life gets just a tad more hectic once they are on the go! My little girl started walking at 10.5 months.. I wish she would of stayed a baby that bit longer though.


  2. A huge milestone in 4 weeks, soon Baby E will be toddler E!

  3. Another big milestone on the way then! It's great to look back isn't it and see how far they've come as often it's not so noticeable everyday #sharethejoy