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Friday, 1 May 2015

Fashion Friday (#11)

It's getting more and more difficult to get Baby E to sit longer the 0.2 seconds to get his photo taken, although saying that if I put a pair of shoes in his hands he is instantly amused! Think I will have to include shoes in ever Fashion Friday now! haha!

This weeks outfit is just a casual day wear outfit. He looks so grown up! I think I say that every week, but I don't really see it until I take some photos and upload them! Anyone else like that? 

Polo Shirt - n/a
Polo Shirt doesn't have a label on it for some reason but we got this when Baby E was born from a family member and that was 10 months ago so I highly doubt that where ever it was bought have them now! But isn't it just the cutest?! I haven't ever popped Baby E in a polo shirt before but I think I'm away to stock up on some as they look great on him! 

Jeans - Tesco // £
These jeans seem to feature in ever Fashion Friday post! I think I need to switch his bottoms up a bit more! haha! But like I say in every post, I love these. We have bought them in the next size up too so I'm sure you'll be seeing them again very soon... haha!!

Shoes - Mothercare // £10
We bought these shoes a while ago from Mothercare when Baby E started to be on the move and we love them. They seem to go with EVERY outfit, and I love items of clothing/accessories that do that! 

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