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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Our teething journey... Continued!

I'm sure you've all followed our journey through teething - if you haven't read up on it here! In the post I say that I think that teething is the worst! Those big bad teeth hurting at every hour of the day - making your once happy go lucky baby to a clingy grumpy nightmare! I had a Baby E permanently attached to me - something I was not use too at all. Evening nipping to the toilet was a nightmare!

We have tried many, many products to help with teething, it was pretty much trial and error but I thought I would share with you what helped us through the worst of it. Oh and we are only on tooth 2... I think we have a very, very long road ahead of us!

My best friend is a little tube called Bonjela! (£2.99) We have many tubes of it lying around the house to pop onto a dummy and take the tears away! He seems to enjoy this more than most things we've tired to be honest with you, I'm unsure if it works instantly or its more of a comfort thing but let me tell you Bonjela is a holy grail product in our household.

Calpol - another best friend of mine! I don't tend to give him this regularly unless he is super grumpy, I really only try to give him this at night time to take the edge off if he was to wake up. I have seen me giving it to him during the day when he felt a little hotter than usual. As I'm sure you're all aware of the magic powers of Calpol, you pretty much know when its taken affect - back comes my happy little boy!

Something we bought when Baby E was a couple of months old was Teething Rings (£2.05) from Munchkin. You get the big clumpy ones but I managed to find some small ones for little hands in Tesco for a couple of pounds. I popped them into the fridge to make them cool, but Baby E soon got a little bored with them maybe they made his little hands too cold?! Who knows, he did love sucking on them for 5 minutes or so! We haven't used these for a few months now, but i would definitely recommend for small hands!

Another product which is super handy is the Starter Teether (£5.75)(*) from MAM. Baby E love this and is constantly grabbing it and having a good ol' chew! 
The strap is great too, it's not long enough to go round the neck but I would never leave him unattended with it, I simply clip it onto his top and he is free to chomp on it whenever he feels like it - which is all the time! 
He loves to grind his gums on the different textures of the ring, one half of the ring is a rubber texture with bumps and grooves and the other is a hard plastic also with bumps and grooves.  

We have used Ashton and Parson (£5.99) powders as of late which was recommended by a good friend. These help a great deal, yes they are a little messy - this could just be us, Baby E doesn't sit still for long let alone get him to open his mouth! I pretty much have to time it inbetween cries! They definitely take the edge off teething anyway! I have seen a lot of Mummy Bloggers swear by these! I would definitely pop some into your trolley the next time your out shopping!

That's pretty much the products that are working for us just now and has helped us through the worst part. I know it's going to be a long journey, I mean we have a lot more teeth to come but hopefully these continue to work their magic and give me my happy baby back pronto!

We're going on an adventure

Mami 2 Five


  1. The teething powders and Calpol got us through the worst days. Max used to love watermelon slices from the freezer too. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    1. Oh never thought about that! Will defo be doing that at the worst stages along with everything else! Haha! Anything for an easy life! Thank you for commenting! Xx

  2. cucumber and celery sticks from the fridge help here x

  3. Oh poor babe. We used an Amber teething necklace with T as soon as he started showing signs of teething, we were either incredibly lucky or the necklace was a miracle! I appreciate they are controversial but it seemed to work for us.

    I hope you find something that works for you soon.


  4. Ps sorry missed it off! Thanks for linking! X