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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Talk About It Thursday! (#1)

One thing I know is that there are so many different brands of every baby products out there all competing to be the best. It's all about trial and error and which ones you or your baby prefer.
So I thought it would be a good idea to do a new series on my blog to find out which baby product I prefer and which ones you prefer as I cannot have possibly tried everyone!

Hopefully this will help some of you new parents and old, as testing baby products can get expensive!

Todays topic is Baby Wipes! 

We have tried many baby wipes, and we prefer either Pampers Baby Wipes or Tesco's own brand Baby Wipes.

The Pampers Baby Wipes are super soft on baby's delicate bum and are moist enough to deal with even the most horrible clean ups! I have tried some baby wipes that are really wet and actually leave your baby's bum soaking - these are not like this at all. I love the packet too, small enough to fit into the changing bag but packs enough baby wipes in packet to last a while (although in this house we use baby wipes for everything!) With all brands competing with each other over pricing, i cant really comment on the price as most baby wipe brands are now £1. But these are our favourites!

Like I said above we use Baby Wipes for everything so it's always handy to have a packet of the cheaper ones, but Tesco own brand Baby Wipes are fast becoming a favourite. They are slightly cheaper at 64p a packet and are usually on a a deal. I do find these to be slightly wetter, but they are not too wet in fact they clean up everything to spills or a dirty bum. I feel I do use more than one for a bum change but at 64p you cannot complain! The packet is bright green, which looks funky in my changing bag, the packet is slightly bigger then the Pampers one but holds exactly the same amount.

As I have said, we haven't tried everyone and some just didn't agree with us so I took to Twitter to see which brands you like and why.

@Trainingmummy said her favourites are just the cheapies too, either Asda or Tesco own brands. Like me she said that they are on offer more often that not. She also said that they smell nice, clean bums and all household furniture well and are easy to get to.

@RaisingtheRings said her favourite Baby Wipes are Cheeky Wipes because they're reusable which makes for a much better environment and makes them feel like they're doing their part to cut down on unnecessary waste! They're much cheaper than lots of other wipes on the market. You can use different oils to scent them if you wish. It only takes a maximum of two wipes, and even that's with a poonami!

@_EllenOKeeffe said her favourite Baby Wipes are Water Wipes! She loves them because they are so soft and gentle. They stay wet even when she loses the cover. They also smell good. And as they are only water they are great for her skin too.

Another fan of Water Wipes is @DotMakes4! She said she was never a fan of baby wipes as when she had her son they had always caused a reaction to his skin.
This is what she said about them! When I had my daughter, I was going to use baby lotion and cotton wool like I did with my son, but that caused her to have a bad reaction.  After searching for an alternative, I found Water Wipes. As they are 99.9% water, they are gentle on her skin. I love them!

@pinchofshaz told me she loves Mamia (Aldi) Wipes. As they are such a great quality, they don't feel like they are going to fall apart and the right amount of moisture to them. They smell amazing too! Not only are they kind to the skin but they are kind to my purse at a low price!

@The_dadventurer uses Pampers Sensitive Wipes as they work well when changing nappies and when cleaning the little one's face after weaning. They are good quality, thicker than your 'normal' wipes and don't dry up like others they've have tried.

@educatingelsa told me she used Huggies Pure for a few months because they were the first brand they had tried that didn't give her little girl a rash. They then found them really hard to get out of the packet because they stuck together and were quite dry, so they tried Pampers Sensitive... and they love them too!

But @MummytoRawd loves Huggies Pure because they are kinder to her son's skin and that they are thicker compared to other brands they have tried so they don't use as many wipes on one occasion!

@M_Mummy_ told me she likes Johnsons Baby Wipes as they are quite soft on her daughters skin, particularly the sensitive ones! She likes that they are quite easy to get out too, they don't stick together. And they smell lovely! The only thing she doesn't like is that they only have the sticky label to reseal, which always ends up coming unstuck after being opened a few times and then the top one dries out!

What are your favourite Baby Wipes, leave them in the comments so others can see!
I will be doing these every so often, maybe once a month, so keep a look out for my tweets as I might just need you for the next one!

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  1. I use cheeky wipes washable wipes. Never used commercial baby wipes on my two's skin. I usually have a pack of wipes in the house for cleaning down skirting boards and doors but thats it! x