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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Dealing with a high temp!

Last week Baby E had a very high temp, I think this is due to him getting some more teeth - which are still to show up!
This is the second time I have noticed his temp going sky high. The first was when he had a viral infection and we went to the doctors to be told I was doing everything right and to keep up the good work! I really like our doctor! haha!

The second time was last week. When his temp was at 39.5C I called the doctor. I knew what to do I just wasn't sure when a temp gets too hot. I was told again, that I was doing everything right and just to monitor his temp throughout the day and give him Calpol throughout the day every 4-6 hourly. I just had to make sure that he was in good spirits and not floppy or had a rash - he had none of these so we were okay.

I thought I would tell you things we do and did when Baby E had his high temp as I was forever Googling things. So hopefully this will help some of you if your baby has a high temp.

On the day of Baby E becoming super hot he just wasn't himself, he was very clingy and if I popped him down he would burst into tears not wanting me to leave his side. So it was a day on the couch of both of us. I also stripped him down to just his nappy - and sometimes I took his nappy off completely. Touch wood he has never peed over my carpets! One thing I did notice was that he was very hot to touch and his head was boiling hot. After stripping him down this brought his temp down for a while but I soon noticed when he was getting hotter - not just to touch but he would also get very clingy and grumpy and would cuddle into me.

I did notice he was wanting to sleep more and became very gurney so I popped him down for a nap in his cot again in just a nappy. When he woke he was again hot to touch.

I decided to run him a colder than normal bath and popped him into it, this seemed to help bring his temp down quite a bit and Baby E loves a bath so I think this made him slightly happier about being ill.

One thing I did see was that he was drinking a lot more water than usual. In fact he drank about two sippy cups within a couple of hours. He had gone off his food too only opting for yoghurt's. Not even his trusty bananas or blueberries could sway him. I tried him with milk but he was just not interested. I suppose when we are ill the last thing we want to do is eat. I wasn't concerned either - I think if he had nothing throughout the day I would be but yoghurt's seemed to do the trick.

It's horrible seeing your little one so poorly and you feel completely hopeless. It was at night time which worried me the most. I was totally unsure what to put him in as he was still slightly warmer than normal and after every nap he woke up super hot. I popped him in a two piece pyjama set without a vest and did our bedtime routine although he just wanted him bed. I gave him some milk and he had a couple of ounces but he was ready for bed and getting to the gurney grump stage.
That night though i couldn't sleep well in fear that he would over heat and I wouldn't hear him. I checked on him during the night and he was cooler than he had been all day so that put my mind at ease.

I didn't do anything unusual but I think what I did do helped to bring down his temp. Oh and don't forget lots of Mummy cuddles after all Mummy's cuddles solves everything!

Do you do anything different when your baby has a high temp? Anything I should do differently? Share your tips in the comments for other mummies!

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