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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

My Birth Story! (Part 2)

When we got to the hospital we were ushered to a birthing room with a bed for me - and the baby! 
By now I was crying in pain and I couldn't sit still. I was told to take gas and air whenever I felt a contraction - this didn't work for me, it made me feel sick and have me a banging sore head so I didn't use it (although the midwife kept on telling me to use it despite me telling her this) 

Because I was in quite a lot of pain she suggested a bath.
I didn't pack a swimming costume or anything as I hadn't planned on going in any water so I went all naked on the midwives! 
The bath was lovely, warm and relaxing - until a contraction came! 
The water got pretty cold quickly and I wanted out (I'm not a bath person!) 
But quickly I realised that the water made the pain less sorer.  After saying that to the midwife she ran me the water birthing pool. 

I went into it and again it was lovely, but this time the contractions were horrendous and I was splashing round like a whale! The midwife never stayed in the room with me and just checked on me every hlg hour or so, but everytime she entered the room and saw I was in pain she would say 'just do what your body's telling you to do' but I didn't know what my body wanted to do - it certainly didn't want to push! 

I was in the birthing pool for a good 2 hours then it was midwife shift change and I got a new midwife who asked if I had been checked down there recently, I hadn't, and she said would I mind her checking.

This was about 7am the following day and when she finished her checks she asked if I wanted to know how far I've dilated. I did. I was 4cm. FOUR CENTIMETRES!!! I thought I was ready o push that baby out of me! It was at this point I gave up. I cried really hard. 

This was when she said she thought my baby would be here at 6pm that day. At 7am this is something you don't want to hear while you cannot sit still with the amount of pain you're going though! 
She suggested a shot of morphine to take the edge off - although with this I wasn't allowed back in the pool until it had worn off. And at that point the water was the only thing making the pain a little less sore. 
Then she said I could have an epidural.
I was unsure of what to do but in my head I kept saying 'my baby will be here at 6pm, I can't do this for that long' 
I called my mum who was on her way - she was one of my birthing partners along with Jordan. She said if it was the thought of the epidural it would only be 10 mins of pain and then I would feel nothing. And nothing sounded pretty good to me right now. It was then when I was shouting at Jordan to go tell the midwife I wanted an epidural! 

I was whisked up stairs and into a room.
It was then when I needed the toilet, now that was a very sore experience. I had a contraction as soon as I sat down and howled in pain! I couldn't stand up as I wa scared it would happen again! A midwife came and got me and ushered me to the room. 

It was about 8:30am and the doctor came in to insert the IV in my hand. She saw how wriggly I was and said that the epidural nurse would do it. - I'm unsure if she was a trainee.

The epidural nurse came and instantly put me to ease, laughing and joking and was just a lovely woman. 
She did everything to the timing of my contractions and I felt absolutely zero, nada. Didn't feel the IV going in, didn't feel the epidural going in. It was bliss.

I was told to lie on my back and push a button for an extra shot of whatever pain relief it releases.
As soon as I did I couldn't feel my legs and it was amazing! No more pain, no more agony. I was at peace.

So much so and hour later I was reading a magazine that my mum had brought up! 

Because we hadn't been home to feed the cat and in my mind I was still having a baby 6pm,at about 12 noon I asked the midwife if Jordan could go home (he wanted to nip home and get a shower and feed the cat) she said that was fine. My mum was there regardless.

She said she would check me down there at 12:30pm. And when she did she was very shocked and said she could see the head!!! 
Say whaaaaat??!! I've just sent Jordan away! 

So my mum tried to call him an he had just stepped foot in the door. So he turned around and headed back to the hospital! 

The midwife said that she would have to instruct me to push so it wasn't too bad and said I would start pushing about 1:30pm - giving Jordan plenty of time to get in and settled! 

1:30pm came and I was surrounded by the midwife, Jordan and my mum.
I was told to push - although I had no idea what I was doing! I couldn't feel a thing! I had to wait until a contraction came and the midwife instructed to try and do a poo... 
I obviously was doing something right as 2 pushes later out popped my little baby!!

I had a little baby boy laid on my chest at 2:01pm!

That's when we all met little tiny Baby E! And life has been amazing since! 

(This has taken me so long to write -like days - as I've been interrupted by said child!)



  1. Ahh I though Jordan wasn't going to make it back in time!!! Soooo glad that he did. I always said I didn't want an epidural - I am so glad it did because they are amazing!!! x

    1. So was i!!!! hahaha! Me too - so glad i did and for my next i wil defo be going epidural all the way!! haha.

      Thanks for commenting love xx

  2. Ooh you had me gripped from Part 1 ha! This is awesome - oh I'm so pleased Jordan made it back - I bet he was too! I'm so jealous of your 2 pushes too - it took me aaaaages to push Miss M out. Hurray, I love your birth story :) Mim @ mamamim.com

    1. Hahaha! Just thought it was too lon for one post and peopple would be getting bored! I'm a rammbler! Could have told you the exact convos we had too - decided to leave them out! hahaha. Thank you for reading til the end! Thanks for the lovely comment too xx

  3. My epidural was administered in a similar way. The relief was amazing. Gas and air didn't make me feel sick but it just did absolutely nothing for me! X

  4. Very riveting stuff - you should consider turning this into a TV drama :) Good job the other half got back to the hospital in time - not that you could have done anything about it, but I'd have been a bit annoyed having just got back home! Great you were relaxed and pleased to see everything went well :)