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Monday, 26 January 2015

My Birth Story! (Part 1)

I've never really sat down and told you all about my birth story.

I was unsure what to expect with this being my first baby. I pretty much thought that I would go into hospital push a baby out and be home the next day. 

That was pretty much the outcome, but wasn't that easy!

I never made a birth plan as I didn't know what I wanted. And I didn't want to write "no epidural" in case I was in immense pain and I had signed my pain relief away! 

I never went to any birthing classes or breast feeding classes - I never wanted to breastfeed, I wasn't breastfed and it didn't do me any harm! 

So I was pretty much living off of lots of Internet forums and forever googling the symptom I thought I was experiencing! I never did have a broken pelvis! Hahaha! 

Anyway, my pregnancy was pretty good, I have no complaints. I had morning sickness at night time for a couple of weeks and horrendous heartburn from 6 months +! I had a constant supply of gaviscon stashed away in cupboards and even one in my handbag! But other than that I was fine, healthy and for me my pregnancy went way too fast! 

My due date was the 15th June 2014.

On the 13th June 2014, I woke up at 6:30am to the feeling that I needed to wee. I went to the toilet and I felt that my pee went on forever. Not thinking anymore of it, I went back to bed. 
At about 9:30am while having my breakfast I felt wet "down there" a little too wet. 
I called Jordan to say I think my water were leaking and thinking back maybe my waters did go while I was on the toilet early in the morning. He told me to ring the hospital and see what they say. 

I wasn't in labour and I knew they wouldn't want to see me urgently, so I went for a shower, shaved EVERYTHING, and did my hair and make up - I mean if I was going to be going into hospital I want to look and feel my best! 
Although while doing my make up I had a call from Jordan asking what the hospital had said, when I said I hadn't call them, he pretty much shouted at me to phone them. So I did. 

They didn't want to see me unless I felt contractions. But they did say as my waters had broken and incase of infection they would like to see me 12 hours after they had broken which was 6:30pm. 

We went to the hospital at 6:30pm although we couldn't find the maternity unit and had to google map the hospital! I'm glad I wasn't in full blown labour as I'm pretty sure Jordan and I wouldn't be together today! Haha! 
We found it eventually. And as I wasn't in labour and was having no contractions I could go home and wait for it all to happen. 
But if I had no contractions by 8am on the 14th June - they would induce me to reduce the risk of infection.

We went home - but not before stopping for a McDonald's! I didn't think this would be my last meal for nearly 24 hours.

At about 11pm I was awoken by a very bad pain, I can't describe the pain but I had my phone in my hand timing my contractions (I was told to come back to the hospital when they were 2 minutes apart) they were very irregular - that was until about 1pm when I was out of the bed on my tiptoes holding onto the headboard, door handle, heater anything that I could grip! 
Jordan called the hospital and they said to bring me in.

This was when it hit me that we're having a baby. The next time we were to come home we were going to be a family of 3! 

***Part two will be tomorrow!! ***


  1. Look forward to reading part 2 tomorrow. You did better than I did, I know I should have but I didn't bother shaving at all hahah couldn't see a thing so out of sight out of mind! My poor midwives! Hahah x

    1. Hahaha!! i was pretty much the same throughout my preganacy - expect for that day!! hahaha! thanks for reading! xx

  2. Gosh it's funny the different things people do to prep - shaving! Lol, didn't even cross my mind. Midwives have seen it all and to be honest by the time I had Emma (2nd Baby) it was the furthest thing from my mind. Look forwward to part 2 :-) x

  3. You are awesome to share this! It is always interesting to hear about the realities. Can't wait for part 2!

  4. Ooh I love a birth story - thank you for sharing!! I'm off to find Part 2 now :) Mim @ mamamim.com #SundayStars

  5. Ahh can't wait for Part 2 - you seem so laid back! Love that you just thought your wee went on for a little while! x