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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Our first tantrum!

So today my happy, food loving little boy had his first tantrum when I presented him with his lunch!

He had a couple of spoonfuls of his puréed vegetables - which he has eaten many times and enjoyed! But today he spat it all back at me and cried, actually I can't say he cried he opened his mouth, looked like he was crying but no sound was coming out, you know the sort! Hysterical perhaps?

I couldn't just leave him without a meal, I did think about giving him milk but I'd have to make it up and I felt as though I wouldn't have time or the patients with a screaming baby! So I gave him a rice cake which instantly stopped the tears! I decided to pop on some toast to see if that would keep him happy - it did! 

Baby E eats a good amount for each meal and I feel he is satisfied with the portions I give him but today a rice cake and a slice of toast did not seem like a lot so I gave him a couple segments of orange too. 
On the last segment he was smiling and telling stories, which usually means he's had enough. 

At tea time I presented him with EXACTLY the same meal I had intended on giving him for lunch and he ate it up with no fuss being made! *fist shake*

I'm unsure why he threw a little tantrum at lunch time but I hope it doesn't persist and tomorrow's lunch is eaten without a fuss!

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