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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

November favourites

I cannot believe we are in December already! This year has well and truly flown past!

We've not tried out many new things this month to be honest with you, but what is shown in the picture above are the things we've both been loving for the month of November!

The first is the teddy snowsuit, we got it as a gift from my parents before Baby E was born, but my mum being the organised woman she is bought it from Tesco in the size 3-6 months as he would be 6 months in December when the colder weather is apon us!
It's beautiful on, fits snugly and is the cosiest thing ever! 
We use this when we go for our walks as it keeps him toasty and obviously for the cute factor! Haha! 
I hope I get a lot of use from it but I feel that within a month or so it'll be a bit too snug! 

One thing I love is collecting memories, I had many photo albums and we occasionally take them out to have a look  back and cringe at the hideous outfits! 
So I want Baby E to enjoy the same thing. We take many, many photos on either our phones or camera but that was it, that was until one of my friends pointed me in the direction of a free app called FreePrints. You get 48 photos free of charge but pay for only the postage. My friend said it was £3.99 for postage which I didn't think was too bad, but I think I must have downloaded it at the right time as I got a discount off the postage to £2.99! I ordered a bit more than the 48 photos and every photo above the free 48 cost 9p each (you can get different sized photos for different prices) I got about 60/70 photos for under £4! Bargain! 
So I have been filling up a photo album I got as a present when Baby E was born. I have been writing the dates on the back of each photo of when it was taken so we can all look back and see when it was taken! 

I have NO idea where I would be without my next month favourite! Teething Gel!
I have tried almost everything to help ease the pain of teething for my wee man. He is now just not himself. I was out at a restaurant the other week and witnessed another diner putting teething gel onto the dummy of her screaming child! Instantly the child was silent and seemed more comfortable, which got me thinking... 
I tried it that evening when he was crying with pain and I cannot tell you how instantly the tears cleared up and he was smiling at us! 
I have been giving him Bonjela Teething Gel every time he's in pain and I have seen a massive difference in my little baby, he's more himself and is more comfortable! 
I will continue to do this technique and give the teething gel until I feel he is coping well with these teeth that are trying to come through.

The next is pyjamas! Baby E is not using a sleeping bag to sleep with anymore, so long sleeved vests were not suitable sleeping attire so we found some pyjamas in Tesco for £6-£7. The Mickey Mouse ones came in a pack of two and are just the cutest things ever, they are designed beautifully and are lightweight yet are cosy enough for sleeping in, we also bough another pack of two pyjamas that have a lion on one set and an elephant on the other. The only thing that I didn't realise when buying them were they didn't have there own feet attached to them, so we have to keep his socks on at night. We bought the size 3-6 months and they are slightly on the big side, which is fine as that means they will last is much longer! 

The next item is something that I have been loving, because of all these long nights with a broken sleep, the bags and dark circles under my eyes are the worst they've ever been, I have had the Tarte Maracuja C-Brightner eye treatment (*) in my possession for a while now, I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and I can see a difference in how bright under my eyes are looking, even though I wear make up and I'm pretty good at concealing them, if I can prevent it (other than making my child sleep at night) I will use something that is designed to help in these situations. I take off all my make up at night, put a few dabs under my eyes and rub it in lightly, I pop it on in the morning too - if I have time. Usually if I'm at home and have no visitors or not needing to leave the house I won't apply any make up so some of this under my eyes is the thing I go for. And so far I am very impressed.  

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