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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Smiley Happy Baby

Today we visited some old friends that I haven't seen in months, well before I had Baby E anyway.
I was looking forward seeing them and getting all the gossip and was excited for them to meet baby Baby E. 

Now he is the most smiley baby ever, with smiles for everyone and today was no different which I was so happy with! 
As soon as I got in the door one of them took Baby E right out my arms - which I was secretly greatful for as he's a heavy wee boy now! 

Anyway, he was passed around and was happy being cuddled by people he'd never met before.
The smiles and the many, many stories never ended and he wasn't grumpy or trying to get back to mummy. 

I'm happy that he feels comfortable being in other people company and is not clinging to me constantly. 

All in all, everyone was so happy to see him and were in awe of what a lovely happy boy we've got! 

Also, bedtime is getting slightly better, with him only getting up twice through the night for the past two nights! 
I have started putting teething gel on his dummy so he can suck it and it'll rub up against his gums, this seems to be working as as soon as you give him it he's less grumpy and is out like a light at nap times!
He's now down to one nap during the day, which he sleeps for a good hour and a half and I think that might be helping him sleep better at night, maybe 2 naps for an hour and a half was too many?! 
Who knows! I'll try anything for a full nights sleep again! 

Did you try any teething products that helped your little one? I'd love to know! 


  1. Awww he is so cute! It is so helpful when they don't mind strangers. Sometimes I wish Molly would be at least a tiny teeny bit clingy but at the same time I'd rather she was fine in other's company. It makes not putting her to nursery a better choice as I don't feel she needs to be too integrated with others at the moment as she is quite adaptable. Hopefully M and E will stay like this for a long time yet.

    1. oh totally agree with you! Elliott has smiles for everyone!