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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Christmassy Handprints

I would say I'm quite crafty but I've just never had the time with working full time and not having anything to work with, that was until Baby E came along - now I'm craft mad!

I want so many keepsake things, I mean the first year is the most exciting and it's when he will have all his firsts (duh!) So I want to capture every moment and event!
Now we all have cameras that we can take many, many photos with and capture every memory but with something like hand and foot prints they are great to show off and is not so 'in your face' sitting on the mantel peice! 

But with it coming up to Christmas I want to give the grandparents something to remember his first Christmas by, so with that in mind I am currently working on his first Christmas footprints - I will show you once they are finished! They are taking longer than expected!

While looking on Pintrest - which I have just discovered and LOVE! why didn't I find this years ago??! I have literally lost a good couple of hours pinning things to my board! 
Anyway, I saw Christmas handprints.

I bought some air drying clay a while ago and got Baby E to put his hand in it - easier said than done with a 5 month old! Then once we got the hand print I cut out the excess clay and left to dry for a couple of days turning every so often and today they were completely hard so I just finished them off with a red glitter glue so they stand out and look so Christmassy! 
I have threaded them with some hard strong rope that you can find in craft shops and I think that just adds something beautiful. 
I can't wait for them to be hung up on the Christmas tree this year! 

Are you making my DIY memories this year? 


  1. Cute! Love these! Will have to get some clay and see how that works. Been making Santa's from our old hand prints they look CUTE

    1. They came out so well! Oh i must see them! Feeling super christmassy now! x