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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Hand and Footprints

Beau is blue, beauisblue, hand prints, footprints, canvas

At the weekend we went to visit my mum, Baby E's granny. 
I love spending time with my family, I really do want Baby E growing up close to his grand parents, as I did when I was little. 
It was my mums birthday back in August and I bought her canvas kit designed for babies hand and footprints.
Baby E was too young to do them then as his fists were always clenched (we did do the foot print clay moulds and they were hard!) so we decided we would do them when he was a bit older and could have fun with it.

So while at my mums we decided to crack out the canvas. He is now 15 weeks old and the perfect age! He was totally slamming his hands down on the canvas! As you can see they hand prints are pretty messy! Haha! 
The footprints turned out really well though! 

Beau is blue, beauisblue, hand prints, footprints, canvas

The canvas kit I got was from Home Bargains for £2.99 and comes with 2 canvas, pink and blue paint, a paint brush and a little dish you and put the paint and their hands/feet in! 

I loved doing this with him and my mum, he loved getting messy and had so much fun - even cleaning up was fun! He loved dunking his feet and hands in the sink! 

I have bought Jordan's parents the same kit and planning on giving it to them for Christmas as I think it will make a lovely gift! 

What do you think of Baby E's hand and footprints? 

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