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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Day out to Banff

Today we went up north to a small town called Banff. It was pretty miserable weather but there was a Christmas market type of thing and my parents go every year so because they are both off on holiday and I didn't have any plans we decided to take a trek up there!
From our house to Banff is about a 200 mile round trip! 
The biggest trip Baby E has done! Well we did go to Inverness but he was a newborn and slept for 4 hours at a time!

We left at 9am (I had to wake Baby E, who was not best pleased!) and eventually got there about half past 11. Baby E slept for maybe half an hour but was babbling away and playing with toys - keeping himself amused! 
We had a wander round and then got a late lunch about 2pm at a restaurant/hotel called Banff Springs. And I must admit the place was beautiful and the food was devine! I would 100% go back! 
We hit the road at about 3:30pm and got stuck in the Aberdeen rush hour! Nightmare! We were stuck in the traffic for a good hour anyway! Baby E was very good and had about an hour nap and then woke to play with toys! 
We got home about 6:30pm to give Baby E his last bottle then put to bed! He's had a busy day and is snoring his head off! 
Here are some photos from our day!

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